BAM Opportunities: Time to Get Involved

A very common question that people ask is:

“What types of opportunities are there in Business as Mission?”

The reality is that there are tons of opportunities in the BAM arena. It really depends on what category of tentmaking that you fall under.

Are you looking for a long-term ministry opportunity?
Is short-term more of what you had in mind?
Do you want to support BAM businesses who are already on the front lines?

In today’s post, we will look at a few key ways that you can get involved in Business as Mission!

Long-term tentmaking opportunities

For those of you who are being called by the Lord to enter a life of BAM, you will want to consider a few key methods or opportunities.

Mission or alone:

 The first thing you will need to decide is if you are going to go through some sort of formal organization or if you are going to just head out on your own. For most people, we would highly recommend joining some sort of organization that can give you guidance, accountability, and structure. There are a number of excellent mission organizations, as well as some other NGOs that can help launch you into a life as a BAM entrepreneur.

ACTION POINT: Remember that some organizations do not publicize that they offer BAM options in closed country because of security issues. You might want to specifically ask if they do creative access work in order to hear about all of the opportunities.

Start or join:

 The second thing you will need to decide is if you want to start your own business or join an existing business. As we have traveled around the Arab world, we have seen tons of opportunities for new businesses. The key to remember is that starting your own business is hard work and is not for everyone. Another opportunity might be to find a BAM business that already exists and offer to join their work. 

Because so many BAM businesses are struggling, you may be able to offer some real help and encouragement to a struggling Kingdom business.

One thing to remember is that there are tons of secular businesses looking for qualified people to work with them.

You might consider using your skill in a closed country by getting a professional placement with an established international company.

Remember that when you get a contract with an established company, you will fall under their terms for holidays, travel, work hours, and more. Make sure you weigh out the options before jumping into a long-term contract.

Short-term BAM opportunities

For those of you who are looking for something shorter than 1 year, you will need to consider some other options. Depending on your skill level, you might be able to volunteer to help an existing BAM company.


 Let’s say that you are marketing expert and you have a few weeks of vacation. You might want to travel overseas into the Arab world and volunteer your services to a struggling company. Since so many people need help marketing, your services would be welcomed by most BAM business owners.

The key to short term opportunities is whether you can offer real value. 

Most business owners do not want to babysit someone for a few weeks, however, if you can truly add value to their business, they would be excited to have you.

ACTION POINT: Before you head out on your short-term business trip, you might want to write up your expectations, skills you offer, and even define the project.

Training: Another way that you can offer short-term business help is to do some training on some specific business skill or technique. For example, you might be able to gather a group of retired business men who are willing to do a training module on small business startup. You could offer a 3 – 5 day course on starting a business from scratch. Again, as long as the business training is high-quality, it will be welcomed by BAM people.

You can easily search online for websites and missions offering short-term opportunities. If you have a specific skill and want to get involved, please drop me an email.

Tentmaking Opportunities from home

Some of you really are not looking to travel but want to help BAM entrepreneurs from where you live. Again, there are a number of ways that you can help BAM businesses without leaving your home country.


 Let’s say that you are a web-designer! You could very easily offer your services to BAM businesses via the internet. I have worked with some very professional people over the internet who have empowered my BAM business.


 You might be interested in coaching a tentmaker in their business venture. If you have true business experience, you could contact one of the mission organizations and offer your business coaching services. Although security might be an issue, many organizations are looking for help.


 Another way that you can get involved is to become an investor in a kingdom business. There are many small businesses looking to get started but they have no idea of where to get capital. Perhaps you would like to invest your resources in starting kingdom businesses? Some businesses are looking for $10,000 while others are looking for $150,000. Some are looking for gifts and others are looking for low interest loans!

Why should we store up treasures on earth, when we can invest in the eternal? If you want ideas of how get involved as an investor, please drop me an email.

There are tons of ways to get involved in tentmaking opportunities! The key is to get involved!

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