Answering the Hard Questions

Have you ever been asked an uncomfortable question?

Perhaps one of the hardest things that many BAM entrepreneurs face when entering a new location are all of the tough questions they get asked by their friends and host community. A few questions I was asked were: Why did you leave America to come do business in our country? Your local business is not making enough to support you; where do you get your money?

A little story:

Three years ago, my wife and I moved to another country to begin a new work. On one of our first nights in country, I was talking with some friends and one of the young men said, “I have doubt about any Americans and Brits working in our country! They are all informants and spies. Are you an informant?” How would you respond to that question? Obviously it is not true…but what is the best answer? I have been with people when they have been asked some very difficult questions…they seem to freeze and almost panic. The reason: they either have not clearly thought through their answers or their identity is shaky and they are not sure how to answer.

Why did you come to this country?

I think honesty is always the best answer. It is a very fair question… “Why did you pack up your family and head to an unknown country to start a business?” You left the land of plenty and opportunity and moved to a 2nd or 3rd world country?

Over the years, we have found that using these types of questions to proclaim truth is one of the best options.

Perhaps something like, “As you know, my wife and I are Christians who always asked God where He wants us to live. When we were praying, He told us to move here to start this business. Since we try to obey God, we moved our family.”

Where do you get your money?

This is another question that you might get asked. When you move your entire family overseas and spend 2 years learning language, your friends might have a question about your finances. Is there a good answer? Maybe turning it back to the Lord and saying that God provides for all of your needs. From there I would tell them that we have investors who are behind our new venture and we have funds necessary to launch this new endeavor.

Why are you still here when security is a real concern?

This is a question that I get asked on a regular basis. What about the security of your family? Shouldn’t you leave and return to your home country? Questions about security can be difficult but can be a great invitation to share where our true security lies. The other afternoon I was able to explain how we know we are in the center of the Lord’s will…even with the possible security issues.

Did Jesus always reveal everything?

This is a question that I have been studying and have found some comfort in the fact that Jesus did not always reveal everything to everyone. One thing I know, Jesus never lied!

I am confident that we do not need to lie but we need to seek the Holy Spirit of how best to answer these hard questions.

We have found that role playing is a good way to work through these questions and develop truthful answers that you know are pleasing to the Father.

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