Announcing BAM 360°: Tool & E-Book

We are thrilled to announce a new set of tools that we have been developing over the past years. BAM 360° takes a look at the concept of “identity” as it plays out in one’s life in Business as Mission .

We realized that the concept of “identity” was more than just a “buzz word”; it was something that could have potential impact on the long-term effectiveness of our team.

In an effort to bring more clarity to the complicated issue of identity, we decided to articulate practical examples and create a tool that we pray will help us and other teams become increasingly aware of our strengths and blind-spots: BAM 360°.

So where did BAM 360° come from?

In 2007, it seemed like the floodgates opened. In a span of 1 year, we had a significant number of singles, couples and families join our team. New harvesters are a wonderful gift from Jesus, but the increase in numbers also brought an increase of questions.

Over the next year, our team began to struggle through the idea of identity. We were constantly talking through questions like:

How does a family with 4 kids fit into the visa category of “student?”
Is it deceptive to be a “tent faker?”
How much income do you need to produce to be legitimate?
What do we really want to be known for?

Throughout the next few years, we began to wrestle with the concept of identity. BAM 360° is the result of long discussions, conversations and real-life observations.

So what exactly is BAM 360°?

We have recognized 3 key components that are important for a strong, long-term identity: Christian witness, cultural awareness and professional identity. For each of these 3 key components, we have identified 12 core characteristics what will assist in the development of a strong identity – 36 in all!

The BAM 360° Tool: This 36 question test & graph will allow you to personally assess your identity in the 36 different BAM 360° characteristics. You can then plot your results on the provided graph. This graph will represent your BAM 360° Identity. You can hopefully use this information to identify areas of strengths and weakness.

Start using the BAM 360° Tool

BAM 360° E-Book: This 80 page booklet was created to give practical examples and ideas for action to help you develop and grow in the specific areas. Each of the 36 aspects of BAM identity are briefly defined and then explained through short vignettes. At the end of each section you will find some practical ideas for action.

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So how do I use BAM 360°?

You can come at this tool from two different directions. Perhaps you and your team, business partner, or friend would like to simply work through the booklet together, discussing one of the 36 characteristics each team day. Together you can add other examples from your specific context and decide on steps of action for the coming weeks. Then you can use the BAM 360° Identity Test to debrief or review towards the end of your time together.

Or, you can each take the BAM 360° Identity Test before you begin the booklet. The test helps you assess 12 characteristics in each of the 3 core areas of BAM identity.

We recommend taking the test once a year so that you can see consistent growth in your long-term BAM identity. We long to be increasingly identified as those who belong to Jesus, those who love the nations and those who work excellently for the glory of Jesus!

Note: This test is NOT meant to be used to compare ourselves to one another or to define some sort of hierarchy. Our prayer is that, instead, these ideas will be an encouragement and inspiration and perhaps help us honestly face areas where we desire grow or change.

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