9 Business as Mission Websites

Are you looking for some other great resources on the subject of BAM?

Check out these 9 websites that offer valuable insights and information about Business as Missions.


We have developed our website to provide help and resources for:

those exploring business as mission and doing research
those looking to take the next step to get training or find opportunities
those practicing business as mission who want to connect and learn from others


Worldwide Tentmakers seeks to come alongside and assist local churches in the promotion, preparation, and placement of self-supporting witnesses.


The mission of the Business as Mission Think Tank is to enrich and invigorate the business as mission movement, resulting in a significant increase in the quantity and quality of businesses and business people involved in God’s mission to the world — the whole church, taking the whole gospel, to the whole world.


Provides resources for tentmaker missionaries and prospectives


The vision is to promote the concept of tentmaking as mission to serve national tentmaker associations, denominational groups and vocational and professional associations around the world.


To raise up young people with vision, courage, character and faith in Jesus Christ who have the imagination, moral fiber and tenacity to lead in all walks of life–business, industry, education, the Arts, government and the Church.


Business as Mission is about viable, sustainable and profitable businesses, with a Kingdom of God purpose, bringing transformation to communities spiritually, economically, socially and environmentally.


Our Business as Mission network is a movement of Christian business people, tentmakers and organizations who have joined up to offer support and resources for aspiring Christian businesspeople in some of the poorest counties in the U.S.


Your marketplace skills are needed to transform lives. BAMmatch connects business people with opportunities around the world where their skills are needed.

If you know of other helpful Business as Mission websites, please comment below OR drop me an email.

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