7 Reasons Tentmaking Businesses Fail

Toby Miles wrote the book 7 Reasons Tentmaking Businesses Fail after learning valuable lessons on what makes a tentmaking business succeed. He addresses 7 key areas with real life stories. Reading this will help the BAM entrepreneur think through important issues before entering Business as Mission.

According to knighterrant review on Amazon:
“This book is a well-written and practical guide for those looking to enter the arena of Business as Mission (BAM). While the title suggests some negativity, the intent is to help people think ahead and thus avoid many of the problems which have plagued this field. The author does not claim to have all the answers, but suggests many good resources for further study. I enjoyed reading this and am going to recommend it to others with similar interests.”

Who should read this book?
Those who are entering the BAM world in order to be more realistic and prepared to face important issues.

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