19 Thoughts on Church Planting

A few years ago I was talking to a fairly influential leader of mission organization and he made the comment:

“One of the problems with BAM is that many times BAM people lose focus on the Church Planting and focus mainly on making money.”

Since that time, I have wanted to make sure that no one could ever say that about my life or my Tentmaking ministry.

The reality is that this should always be a concern no matter what type of activities we are involved in.  

Medical Missions without proclamation is just curing sickness! Education for knowledge purposes makes well-studied people but no outreach.

We need to always be asking ourselves if the work we are doing is helping to further the Kingdom of God.

We are one body and many parts…we all have different roles and gifts…but all working together to build the Lord’s Kingdom.

We all want to be more effective church planters.

Over the past years of doing church planting, I have come up with a number of “Ps” that we will face in our ministries. Take some time over the next days to explore these 19 keys to more effective church planting ministry.

Prayer – The foundation of any church planting ministry.
Power – It is not in our own strength…
Presence – Living in community makes a difference.
Proclamation – Speaking the name of Jesus.
Profile – What is your identity? How are you perceived?
Prepare – What can you do to get ready?
Purpose – What is the reason or vision for your ministry.
Professional – Especially in tentmaking, being professional is vital.
Principle – It is all about integrity.
Pressure – It will not alway be easy!
Perseverance – Are you in it for the long haul?
Price – Have you counted the cost?
Peace – He is the Prince of Peace.
Pace – Is life a sprint or a marathon?
Positive – Your attitude is vital!
Persecution – Are you ready for what may come?
Pride – A struggle many church planters face.
Passion – Loving Jesus with your whole heart.
Phobia – What are you afraid of?

“We must never lose focus of what we have been called to do!”

As you continue in your church planting ministry, make sure you keep Jesus as the center! He will lead and guide you as you face challenges and joys.

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