15 More Questions – Professional Identity

As we continue on the topic of “How to develop a tentmaking identity“, we will look at the area of Professional Identity.

Most tentmakers spend huge amounts of time and energy on their Christian Witness, but they have given little attention to their professional identity.

If you are looking to create a long-term tentmaking identity, you will also need to address the key issues of Professional Identity and being culturally sensitive.

Is your Professional Identity strong?

Here are 15 different questions that you will want to ask yourself in order to assess the professional component of your identity.

1. Are you doing a legitimate job, whether business or humanitarian?
2. Does your host community receive your job positively?
3. Does your business idea meet a need or fill a gap in the market?
4. Do you have your identity in place before arriving in country?
5. Are you qualified for the business / position you are looking to do?
6. Is your business sustainable?
7. Does your appearance communicate professionalism to your host culture?
8. Are you a person of integrity in your professional position?
9. Do you need more training to enable you to effectively carry out your profession?
10. Do you have a mentor or coach that is willing to walk you through the ups and downs of business?
11. Are you looking forward at possible obstacles or opportunities?
12. Does your professional put you into the community?
13. Do you enjoy your work?
14. Does your profession employ or empower locals?
15. Do you have a culturally appropriate place of work?

Do you need to rethink your professional identity?

Spend some time with your team or leadership discussing whether your professional identity is helping or hurting your Christian witness.

Have you asked yourself the “13 Questions about your Christian Witness?

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