13 Questions to Ask Yourself about Christian Witness

Last week in our post “How to develop a BAM identity“, we discussed 3 key components to your long-term BAM identity: Christian witness, professional identity & being culturally sensitive.

Each of these 3 components is vital in an effective BAM ministry!

How do you know if your Christian witness is strong?

Our team spent an afternoon compiling these 13 questions that help us stay aligned spiritually. Perhaps you will find them helpful!

1. Are you known as a follower of Jesus from the beginning?
2. Do you spend time with Jesus every day in order to walk according to his voice?
3. Are you biblically focused in your conversations pointing people to Jesus?
4. Do you have the appropriate Biblical knowledge?
5. Are you a person of prayer? Do you love to pray?
6. Do you share your weaknesses with others?
7. Are you willing to forgive and ask for forgiveness?
8. Do you share your life experience of how Jesus changed your life?
9. Are you ready to hand out the word of truth if asked?
10. Are you willing to risk your reputation to be known as a Jesus follower?
11. Do you love people in word and deeds?
12. Have you spent time preparing so that you can intentionally point others to Jesus with bridges, stories or applicable truths?
13. Are you above reproach morally? In everything you do?

Do you need to realign?

You might want to take some time to quietly get away to think through this 13 questions. Without your spiritual foundation strong, the rest of your tentmaking ministry is useless.

Are there questions you would add?

Please add them through a comment below…

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