11 Questions on Cultural Sensitivity

As we continue on the topic of “How to develop a BAM identity“, we will look at the area of cultural sensitivity. As we have discussed, it is so important to have a strong Christian Witness, as well as a strong Professional Identity. That said, you need to ask yourself…

Are you being culturally sensitive?

Here are 11 different questions that you will want to ask yourself to see if you are culturally relevant.

1. Are you committed to doing whatever it takes to learning the local language?
2. Do you dress like a respected man or women in your community?
3. Do you minister to your same gender?
4. Are you a student of the culture?
5. Do your local friends feel comfortable in your home?
6. Have you taken time to learn appropriate cultural behavior?
7. Do you respect the people and their culture – even if some areas are hard to understand or agree with?
8. Have you taken time to try to understand your host culture before arriving on location?
9. Are you studying all forms of the culture from music to cuisine?
10. Do you understand the important of honor & shame in your cultural context?
11. Do you understand the cultural view of work?

Do you need to adjust something?

You might want to take some time to discuss these 11 questions with your team or team leader. Cultural insensitivity can kill a long-term ministry.

Are there questions you would add?

Please add them through a comment below…

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