101 Books on Missions

Are you looking to challenge your life in Missions?

We have compiled a list of a 101 amazing books on missions! You will find biographies that will fan your flame of passion, missiology books and more. If you need a little encouragement or even a hardcore challenge, you’ll find it on this list.

In no particular order…

1. Finish the Mission: Bringing the Gospel to the Unreached and Unengaged
By: John Piper, David Mathis, David Platt and Ed Stetzer

2. Let the Nations Be Glad: the Supremacy of God in Missions
By: John Piper

3. Missions: Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Strategies
By: Gailyn Van Rheenen

4. Mission Drift: The Unspoken Crisis Facing Leaders, Charities and Churches
By: Peter Greer, Chris Horst, Anna Haggard

5. Introducing World Missions: A Biblical, Historical, and Practical Survey (Encountering Mission)
By: A. Scott Moreau, Gary R. Corwin, Gary B. McGee

6. The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative
By: Christopher J. H. Wright

7. Serving with Eyes Wide Open: Doing Short-Term Missions with Cultural Intelligence
By: David A. Livermore

8. Short Term Missions Workbook: From Mission Tourists to Global Citizens
By: Tim Dearborn

9. The Book of Missionary Heroes
By: Basil Mathews

10. Introduction to Global Missions
By: Zane Pratt, M. David Sills, Jeff K. Walters

11. Mission in the Old Testament: Israel as a Light to the Nations
By: Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

12. The New Parish: How Neighborhood Churches are Transforming Mission, Discipleship and Community
By: Paul Sparks, Tim Soerens, Dwight J. Friesen

13. The Mission of God’s People: A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission
By: Christopher J. H. Wright

14. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions
By: Ruth A. Tucker

15. Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation
By: Jason Mandryk

16. The Missionary Call: Find Your Place in God’s Plan for the World
By: M. David Sills

17. Christian Mission: How Christianity Became a World Religion
By: Dana L. Robert

18. The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity
By: Philip Jenkins

19. Cross-Cultural Connections: Stepping Out and Fitting in Around the World
By: Duane Elmer

20. Cross-Cultural Conflict: Building Relationships for Effective Ministry
By: Duane Elmer

21. Contextualization in World Missions: Mapping and Assessing Evangelical Models
By: A. Scott Moreau

22. Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally
By: David J. Hesselgrave

23. Bible and Mission: Christian Mission in a Postmodern World
By: Richard Bauckham

24. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader
Ralph D. Winter (Editor), Steven C. Hawthorne (Editor)

25. A Martyr’s Grace: Stories of Those Who Gave All for Christ and His Cause
By: Marvin Newell

26. When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor…and Yourself
By: Steve Corbett, Brian Tikkert, John Perkins (Forward), David Platt (Forward)

27. Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot – and Cold – Climate Cultures
By: Sarah A. Lanier

28. Cross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility
By: Duane Elmer

29. Western Christians in Global Mission: What’s the Role of the North American Church?
By: Paul Borthwick

30. Live Dead Journal: 30 Days of Prayer for Unreached Peoples, 30 Days of Challenge
By: Dick Brogden (Compiler)

31. When Missions Shapes the Mission: You and Your Church Can Reach the World
By: David Horner (Author), David Platt (Forward)

32. Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours?
By: Roland Allen

33. The Insanity of God: A True Story of Faith Resurrected
By: Nik Ripken

34. The Insanity of Obedience: Walking with Jesus in Tough Places
By: Nik Ripken

35. Follow Me: A Call to Die. A Call to Live
By: David Platt and Francis Chan

36. Dispatches from the Front: Stories of the Gospel Advance in the World’s Most Difficult Places
By: Tim Keesee

37. In the Land of Blue Burquas
By: Kate McCord

38. Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream
By: David Platt

39. Risk is Right: Better to Lose Your Life than to Waste It
By: John Piper

40. Don’t Waste Your Life
By: John Piper

41. Peace Child: an Unforgettable Story of Primitive Jungle Treachery in the 20th Century
By: Don Richardson

42. Bruchko: The Astounding True Story of a 19-Year-Old American, His Capture by the Motilone Indians and His Adventures in Christianizing the Stone Age Tribe
By: Bruce Olson

43. The Hole in Our Gospel: What Does God Expect of Us? The Answer that Changed My Life and Might Just Change the World
By: Richard Stearns

44. Reaching and Teaching: A Call to Great Commission Obedience
By: David Sills

45. Jim Elliot
By: Jane Benge and George Benge

46. Ministering Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Personal Relationships
By: Sherwood G. Lingenfelter, Marvin K. Mayers

47. Christian Mission in the Modern World
By: John Stott (1974)

48. Invitation to World Missions: A Trinitarian Missiology for the Twenty-first Century
By: Dr. Timothy Tennent

49. Share Jesus Without Fear
By: William Fay and Linda Evans Shepherd

50. Encountering Theology of Mission (Encountering Mission): Biblical Foundations, Historical Developments and Contemporary Issues
By: Craig Ott

51. God’s Global Mosaic: What We Can Learn from Christians Around the World
By: Paul-Gordon Chandler, John Stott (Forward)

52. Cross-Cultural Partnership: Navigating the Complexities of Money and Mission
By: Mary T. Lederleitner

53. African Friends and Money Matters: Observations from Africa (Publications on Ethnology Vol. 37)
By: David E. Maranz

54. Western Christians in Global Mission: What’s the Role of the North American Church?
By: Paul Borthwick

55. Leading Across Cultures: Effective Ministry and Mission in the Global Church
By: James Plueddemann

56. Paradigms in Conflict: 10 Key Questions on Christian Missions Today
By: David Hesselgrave

57. Introducing Christian Mission Today: Scripture, History and Issues
By: Michael W. Goheen

58. 7 Classic Missionary Biographies: Raymond Lull, David Brainerd, Henry Martin, William Carey, Hudson Taylor, John Paton, Amy Carmichael
By: Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor, John Paton

59. Understanding Christian Missions: Participation in Suffering and Glory
By: Scott W. Sunquist

60. I Dare to Call Him Father: The Miraculous Story of a Muslim Women’s Encounter with God
By: Bilquis Sheikh

61. God’s Smuggler
By: Brother Andrew, John Sherrill and Elizabeth Sherrill

62. The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun
By: Brother Yun

63. Eternity in Their Hearts: Startling Evidence of Belief in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World
By: Don Richardson

64. Through Gates of Splendor
By: Elizabeth Elliot

65. Anthropological Insights for Missionaries
By: Paul Hiebert

66. Woman to Woman: Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend
By: Joy Loewen

67. Miniskirts, Mothers, and Muslims: A Christian Woman in a Muslim land
By: Christine Mallouhi

68. Honor and Shame: Unlocking the Door
By: Roland Muller

69. Miraculous Movements: How Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims Are Falling in Love with Jesus
By: Jerry Trousdale

70. A Muslim’s Heart (Pilgrimage Growth Guide)
By: Edward Huskins

71. The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross; Insights from an Arab Christian (The Navigators Reference Library)
By: Nabeel Jabbour

72. John G. Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides
By: James Paton

73. A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael
By: Elisabeth Elliot

74. Becoming a Courageous Christian
By: Bill Hybels & Mark Mittelberg

75. Funding Your Ministry
By: Scott Morton

76. Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission (American Society of Missiology)
By: David L. Bosch

77. Reclaiming Mission as Constructive Theology: Missional Church and World Christianity
By: Paul S. Chung

78. The New Global Mission: The Gospel from Everywhere to Everyone (Christian Doctrine in Global Perspective)
By: Samuel Escobar

79. The Great Commission & Evangelism and the History of World Missions
By: Martin Klauber (Editor), Scott M. Manetsch (Editor), D.A. Carson (Contributor), & 7 More

80. Contextualization in World Missions: Mapping and Assessing Evangelical Models
By: A. Scott Moreau

81. Short Term Missions Workbook: from Mission Tourists to Global Citizens
By: Tim Dearborn

82. Life on Mission: Joining the Everyday Mission of God
By: Dustin Willis, Aaron Coe and David Platt

83. Mission Possible: The Wonderful Story of God and a Wycliffe Translator in the Jungles of Papua New Guinea
By: Marilyn Laszlo, Franklin Graham (Forward), Luci Tumas (Contributor)

84. A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures, Making Friends in a Multicultural World
By: Patty Lane

85. Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?
By: Tom Doyle (Author), Greg Webster (Contributor)

86. Planting Missional Churches
By: Ed Stetzer

87. Global Mission Handbook: A Guide for Cross cultural Service
By: Steve Hoke & Bill Taylor

88. The Changing Face of Missions: Engaging Contemporary Issues and Trends (Encountering Mission)
By: Michael Pocock, Gailyn Van Rheenen, Douglas McConnell

89. Many Colors: Cultural Intelligence for a Changing Church
By: Soong-Chan Rah

90. Kingdom Without Borders: The Untold Story of Global Christianity
By: Miriam Adeney

91. Discovering the Mission of God: Best Missional Practices for the 21st Century
By: Mike Barnett (Editor), Robin Martin (Editor)

92. Pressure Points: Twelve Global Issues Shaping the Face of the Church
By: J.D. Payne

93. Crossing Cultures with Ruth: Lessons on Thriving in Mission
By: James Nelson

94. Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God
By: J.I. Packer, Mark Dever (Forward)

95. Evangelism: How to Share the Gospel Faithfully
By: John MacArthur (Author), Grace Community Church Staff (Contributor)

96. On Being A Missionary
By: Thomas Hale

97. Ask a Missionary: Time Tested Answers From Those Who’ve Been There Before
By: John McVay

98. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity
By: Nabeel Qureshi and Lee Strobel

99. A Wind in the House of Islam: How God is Drawing Muslims Around the World to Faith in Jesus Christ
By: David Garrison

100. Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to Be an Everyday Missionary
By: Greg Finke

101. End of the Spear
By: Steve Saint

I am sure there are some other great ones, please share your favorites below!

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