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100% Self-Supporting: What happens if…

Your business starts to fail for reasons out of your control? 2 True Stories In February of 2020, our business seemed to be positioned to continue growing. Sales were looking strong. We had an amazing team in place. We even had over $200K in “reserves” in case something went wrong. Two months …
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100% Self-Supporting: More Freedom?

“Looking for more freedom in your BAM life?” “I am just so tired of having to report back to my home churches!” is what I heard from a BAM person a while back. He was feeling like he needed to perform for his churches and gain their support by producing numbers. …
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100% Self-Supporting: Is it the best model?

“Are you worried about raising financial support?” Does being self-supporting sound liberating to you? As I have discussed the different BAM models with young people, many of them have shared their desire to NOT raise any financial support from donors. In their minds, the ideal model would be to be 100% self-supported …
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The Hardest Part of Business as Mission

As I sit and talk with future BAM entrepreneurs, one of the questions I get asked often is: “What is the hardest part about Business as Mission?” The question is a good one, but I don’t think there is actually one answer. There are so many factors that can make BAM …
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business as mission champion

Who is your Business as Mission Champion?

Recently I have been involved in a startup company that has gotten off to a pretty slow start. The business idea looks good, there is a gap in the market, the finances are in place, and we have some good people. However, the business still seems to be limping along. …
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Starting Your Business: Be Legit

A number of years ago, I had coffee with a friend who told me about some of the problems he was having with the local authorities. They had called him into their office to question him. They wanted to know more about what he was doing in their country. …
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