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BAM Idea Evaluation Flowchart Tool Final

BAM Idea Evaluation Flowchart Tool

We have created this BAM Idea Evaluation Flowchart Tool to help you think through your potential BAM idea. We have found that each of these questions are helpful to consider as your assess a possible business idea. How to use this tool For each and every BAM idea that you…

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Primary Focus of Business as Missions

What is the primary focus of business as missions?

Perhaps you are wondering what the primary focus of business as mission is? You are not alone. Often there are great discussions around the main focuses of BAM. Is the focus business or is the focus mission? Perhaps the easiest way to address what are the primary focuses of business…

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Ultimate Checklist for Starting a BAM Business

So you are interested in starting a Kingdom Business? We are in the process of developing the ultimate checklist of anyone looking to start a life in Business as Missions. It is a work in progress! Getting Started Do you have a call to a life of Business as Mission?…

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4 Reasons you need a BAM mentor

4 Reasons You Need a BAM Mentor

Over the past 15 years of coaching new BAM ventures, I have come to understand the importance of mentors. I believe that every business as mission startup should have a BAM mentor. Actually, I think that BAM ventures at every stage would benefit from having a mentor in their life….

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issues BAM owners struggle with

3 Key Issues BAM Owners Struggle With

Over the past years of working in a BAM role, we have seen many people come and go. We have seen some hit the ground and thrive! We have seen some hanging in there…not really thriving but striving! And then, we have seen those who are just plain surviving! All…

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Go and Make Millions

When you read the title of this article, did it raise a question mark in your mind? Go and make millions! One of the biggest criticism of those doing BAM is that they are going to lose their focus. I have heard is said many times, “People doing business as…

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Business as mission training

Free BAM Trainings

Building a Strong Professional Identity” and “Preparing for a Life in Business as Mission”

  • Lessons with key questions to consider
  • Created for someone considering BAM
  • Perfect to be done with a mentor

“This is not theory! Built from 20+ year of experience doing business in the Arab world”.

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